Truck Menu

We feature our own homemade ice cream sandwiches. We always have these signature ice cream sandwiches in vanilla and chocolate. Other flavors may include raspberry, strawberry, mint, cheesecake or pumpkin. We stock over 40 different selections and can tailor our selection to your event.

Wherever the truck goes, it will usually be stocked with 40+ novelty items (& sometimes more!)


Ice Cream Novelties

We Carry Only
Premium Brands

Spongebob M&M’s Sandwich
Spiderman King Cone
Ironman Snickers
Batman Twix
Dora Bar Haagen Daz Salted Caramel
Hello Kitty Haagen Daz Vanilla
Sonic the Hedgehog (B&J) Cherry Garcia
Tweety Bird (B&J) Half Baked
Bugs Bunny Magnum Gold
Ninja Turtles Magnum Double Caramel
Original Bombpop Magnum Almond
Watermelon Bombpop Magnum Infinity
Fudge Bombpop Magnum White
Jolly Rancher Bombpop Magnum Double Chocolate
Strawberry Crunchbar Screamers Cookies & Cream
Chocolate Crunchbar Screamers Cookie Dough
Birthday Cake Bar Lemon Freeze
Bubblegum Bar Cherry Freeze
Oreo Crunchbar 2 Ball Screw Ball
Klondike Original Rainbow Snow Cones
Klondike Crunch Original Bomb Pop Jr.
Klondike Choco Taco Jolly Rancher Push Pop
Klondike Oreo Cookie Sandwich Koolpop GIANT
Klondike Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Mississippi Mud Ice Cream
Friendly’s Ice Cream Sunday FatBoy Ice Cream
Skinny Cow Vanilla